Signs That She Is Flirting With You

It is vitally important that every man knows when a girl is flirting with them. This is for two very obvious reasons. One, he needs to know when a women is actually flirting with him. The guy needs to know the codes, the signals, and the signs that mean a women is interested, and that, if he plays his cards right and responds correctly, he can get laid right now. If he is no good at reading these types of signs, then this poor sucker might lose the chance of a lifetime (believe me, it has happened to me more times that I can remember. Each one still haunts me.). Reason number two is the opposite. Every guys also has to know when a women is not flirting with them. This means that they can refrain from being a dick and hitting on the women who really does just need directions, or their boss that just wants them to stay late to finish the project.
In that vein, here are the top 6 signs that a women is flirting with you. The nearer you get to six, the more you know that the only place this women wants you is bed

smiling flirting

If a girl smiles, she likes


This is the trickiest of the lot to gauge. Is she just smiling because she is nice, or smiling because she is happy you are there. On its own you cannot see whether this is a flirting sign, and should only be considered in relation to others. But without it, you can be sure that she is not flirting. Smiling frames our face in an attractive manner and helps people see us as confident and happy. If she doesn’t care about you seeing her like this, she doesn’t care about you.

Eye Contact

Another one that can be difficult to work out. Everyone should maintain eye contact, but in reality people are always distracted and looking all over the place. If a women is locking eyes with you then she is a confident girl, which is always a plus, but also it means that she is checking you out and looking at your eyes, and also that she only has eyes, and thoughts, for you at that point in time, and if you notice, you can take advantage.

open flirting

If she has open body language, you are in


If a girl starts asking about you and your life it should be an obvious sign something is up. Maybe she is trying to recruit you for undercover work and wants to know your background, or maybe she wants to get laid. Either way, cool. Questions are a giveaway when it comes to flirting. Everyone is going to ask the general questions about what you do and where you come from, but once you get in to more arcane questions, like, what is the name of your favorite cartoon character, or what do you think of the music of Korn, then you can be sure that she is trying to get to know you better because she wants to take things further.

Personal Space

This is the first of the big tells when it comes to flirting. If a women starts to get into your personal space, standing just a step too close to you, or perhaps even wanting to dance, then she is very interested. This is the first of the sexual mimicry flirting signs, the ways we flirt which really shows that we want sex. She wants to be close to you right now, as a means to get even closer to you in the coming hours.

playing flirting

If she plays with you, she wants you to play with her

Touching Herself

Oh boy! No not like that. If she is touching herself like that then I am pretty sure we have passed the flirting phase. No, what I mean is the preening touches, or the accentuation touches that women, and men, do when they really like someone and want to show off. She will start to play with her hair, showing you how nice it is and combing through it with her hands. She also might touch her lips, or adapt her posture to show off any natural assets she might have. Whenever you have got a girl touching herself, then really she wants you touching her there.

Touching You

OK, now we are getting heavy. If a girl touches you, if only lightly and playfully, it probably means that she would be more than happy for you to touch her back. This is really a test and a come on. Firstly, she is testing to see how you react. Do you pull away in shock? Unlikely, but she wants to make sure. It is also her way of showing how soft her touch is. At this point, you mind cannot help but start to think about her touching you elsewhere and how good that might be, at which point, her flirting job is done.

First Date Sex: Just Don’t Do It!

Having sex on your first date just isn’t a great idea for anyone. Whilst you might get carried away in the heat of the moment, you need to be able to grab yourself and stop yourself from falling victim to your hedonistic biases. When you have sex with someone on a first date, you are indirectly showing that you don’t respect yourself enough to make your partner wait and get to know you. In addition to this, you’ll make it so that your partner will think that you sleep with anyone on your first date.

"I don’t usually do this" isn’t a very believable thing to say, even if it is true. Most people will have heard that a hundred times before and expect to hear it again in the future. When you have sex on the first date, you are saying that you are not actually interested in having a good relationship with your new date.

first date tips

Do the right things if you are looking for a serious relationship

First Date Nerves

Even if the other things mentioned in this article didn’t apply, you’ll still have that first date nerves and awkwardness between your partner and yourself. You just can’t have great sex whilst you are nervous and you really want to be relaxed in the presence of your date when you have sex with them. When you barely know anything about them, how they act and react to things, there’s no way you will be calm unless you are a serial dater. Sex is always better with people you actually care about and when you have only just met this person, it is unlikely that you will know them very well at all. Getting that emotional closeness necessary for great sex is difficult and can take a few weeks or even months to get close. When you are just two strangers hooking up, what on earth is there between you apart from the physical attraction?

Waiting a little while before having sex means you get closer to your date, you can tease them and really ramp up the sexual tension and lust. This means that when you do actually have sex, you’ll have mind blowing, incredible sex as you have both been waiting for this moment for a long time. When you wait a little longer before having sex, you can find out the kinds of things your new partner likes in bed and you’ll have much better, more relaxed and less awkward sex.

You will know when it is the right time to have sex because you wont feel pressured or rushed in to it and it’ll happen naturally. When you have sex on a first date, it always feels strange because you don’t really know this person. On a first date, it is dangerous to go off alone with your new date before you get to know them and this is another reason why you should opt out of sex on the first date. 

Not having sex on the first date is also a great way to weed out those people who don’t want long-term relationships. If they are only looking for sex and will never call you back, you probably don’t want to be used by these types of people. This is a way that you can allow your date to show sincerity and see what they intend to do, relationship-wise. The right date for you will not mind that you are putting a veto on sex on the first date.

Whilst you might not just be looking for sex, many people are and this is a fact of modern dating. You can have a one-night stand if you want, but they rarely end up in fulfilling and lasting relationships with two contented partners.

serious relationship

You don’t want to rebound on to someone you just met.

One of the best reasons not to have sex on the first date is that when you have recently left a long relationship, you don’t want to rebound on to someone you just met. The urge to feel sexy and attractive, to prove the world that you are still seductive is strong but your willpower should be stronger. If you succumb to the temptation, you’ll be annoyed with yourself and you will feel worthless when your date realizes you were only interested in them because you were on the rebound. Our bodies need time to heal mental wounds just like physical ones and if you don’t allow it time to do so; you’ll end up hurt even more.

You don’t keep playing sports if you have injured yourself so why would you continue dating right after a breakup? First date sex isn’t really a good idea unless you are already having casual sex and you are sure that it won’t mess up your lifestyle. Keep them waiting and hold off until you are sure this is the right person for you.

How To Get Through A Divorce Civilly

how to divorce

Divorce sucks

If you are considering divorce but thinking twice because of all that you have to lose, there is hope that you can live without your mate and still be friends. Many people stay in relationships for fear of the way that it will end. Likewise, those who are going through a divorce may be having a hard time finding a way to end it civilly. The problem is that many couples have shared responsibilities like children and family, that will tie them together forever. If you want to avoid a lifetime of strife with your ex, or staying with someone forever for fear of it, then you have to find a way to end it amicably. If you are able to put your personal feelings aside and consider it more of a business deal until it is over, you can make it through without completely disliking one another.

Just because two people aren’t meant to live together, that doesn’t mean that you have to hate one another. When we think about divorce we often get the wrong impression that two people have to really hate each other. There are times when people still like, or even love each other but aren’t able to live together. In those cases, it is possible to split your things, and your life, and maintain your love. If you follow these rules you are more likely to be able to maintain some level of friendship:

Let go of your baggage

Should you really divorce?

Being angry doesn’t help

If you have decided you just don’t want to be with this person, or they don’t want to be with you, that is the end of it. That is it. You have to let go. By holding on to baggage, or not letting go of the past, you are not going to bring it back. If you hold onto animosity, regardless of why, the only person you are hurting is yourself. By letting go of the past you are allowing yourself to move forward. If you attempt to get back at your ex through trying to get things in the divorce to hurt them, most likely you are hurting yourself, and your family, in the process. Is it really worth it? If you think positively and realize that there is happiness in your future, once you get this all behind you, you can probably come to terms with finding a resolution to your problems without anger, or vengeance in mind.

Be fair

If he wants something that isn’t important to you, let him have it. If something was hers going into the marriage, let her have it. Holding onto things is a great way to build animosity and hatred. Being fair means giving in once in a while. If something is more important to them than it is to you, why fight it. When you play divorce like a chess game you are assuming someone wins and someone loses, but the reality is that everyone loses. If you are tying up the ending fighting over something that you don’t really care all that much about, be fair. If it was theirs, give it to them. If you are fair, they most likely will be fair. If they aren’t, at least you can walk away without a fight and your head held high. Taking the high road involves being fair and not holding onto things that mean nothing to you, or not as much to you as it does to them.

Remember who your lawyer is

getting divorced

Maintaining your friendship is important for the future especially when children are involved

Your lawyer is going to pretend to be your friend. They may actually be your friend, but their real job is to win. Your lawyer is saying they are looking out for you, but if they are pushing you to go for more than you know is fair, or things that you don’t care about, they aren’t doing you any favors. Your lawyer is not your friend as much as your hired gun. In the end, the more you get out of the divorce, the more they get. Don’t allow them to get you all revved up. When you stop communicating with your Ex and turn it over to the attorneys, things can get more messed up and personal. Make sure to always be involved in the decisions and remember that your lawyer is going to win when you win.

Remember what you used to be

There was a time when you loved one another. Sure, a lot has gone on in between, but try to remember the things that you used to like about your ex to get through the divorce. You don’t have to remember him as your prince charming, but remembering a time when you shared love and experiences together that will bind you forever, may help get your through the rough parts without hating each other.

How To Find A Boy/Girlfriend

It’s an age old problem. People are always asking where or how they can find a great girl/guy to date. There are over seven billion people in the world, yet a huge percentage of people have trouble finding a date. The problem with the question of trying to find a good girlfriend/boyfriend is pretty simple once you think about it. How could you possibly know who is going to be a good match for you if you don’t date them for a while and see how you get on? Barring the ability to read people’s minds, you can’t. We are always slightly confused when people ask where all the good suitors have gone. The key to finding someone you really get along with and wish to date is a simple idea but a complicated process.

You just have to meet more people. Soon enough, you’ll find someone great.

Go Where The People Are

If you are looking for a specific kind of person to meet, you should have a little think about where that kind of person might frequent. If you like the arty and hipster types, frequenting the local coffee shop and being friendly to those in it is a great place to meet some new people. Whilst some people just want to be left to their coffee in peace, some people will actively be looking for conversation.

conversation starters

Find a good party and start talking to the people

If you are looking for someone physically fit, it makes sense to go join a gym and attend some fitness classes. This gives you common ground to talk about when you are trying to meet people. Finding just any old person to date isn’t so difficult and with a bit of confidence you could find someone to date easily enough. The problem is that you have set yourself the expectation of finding someone great, so nobody seems like the person you want to date. The reason it is hard to find the best dates is that you are actively looking for the best dates.

If you are in a bar, the prettiest and most handsome person to you is also going to be the prettiest and most handsome person in the room to others as well. With potential dates like this, there will probably be a lot of competition and if they are really that incredible, they will probably be in a relationship already!

Changing your expectations to find yourself someone fun is a lot easier than competing with the hundreds of people that might fawn over your potential date on a daily basis. Whilst we desire the “perfect” date, they probably don’t exist, whilst there are plenty of people who we would be perfectly content with dating. How to find these people is a lot easier!

There are tried-and-true places to meet guys more likely to be good relationship material, but where you meet someone can set the tone for the relationship. If you meet all of your dates in dive bars on a Tuesday or at house parties, there is a fairly high chance that you haven’t found the best person for you. If they are drinking on a Tuesday, what does that say about the person and their prospects?

Location is as important to finding quality dates as any other factor. If you like your dates to be charitable and kind, try volunteering some of your time to any organization. The people here are poised to be kinder than the average person is, due to the fact that they are volunteering their time.

If you prefer educated people, take a class and see who you can meet. It’s not a bad way to spend your time; you learn new skills and meet new people, even if you don’t find a date. The main benefit to being out and about allows you to put yourself in situations you wouldn’t usually be in. Face to face with new people is much more fun than updating your Online dating profile, after all.

Ask Your Friends

Don’t be afraid of asking for help from your workmates or friends.  Whilst they may set you up on dates with completely incompatible people, you never know who you might meet through a friend of a friend. If you tell people that you are looking for someone fun who wants to settle down, one of their friends might have said the same thing to them recently. A friend who knows both of you quite well might think that you would make a good couple. We have personally seen this method to work really well. You’d be amazed at who your network of friends is related to, especially if you find yourself on a great date as the result of a few simple questions.

ask your friends

Ask your friends to introduce you

Practice Conversation

Taking my advice into consideration and acting on it will mean that son enough you’ll have a whole host of dates in which to find yourself the perfect suitor. Once you are on the date, follow standard rules of conversation. Keep the conversation light and lively and don’t dominate the conversation by talking about yourself incessantly. Most people have a few funny anecdotes which they can tell people to get them laughing. Asking open ended question allows your date to have a chance to tell you things and lets them direct the conversation for a while. This way the conversation can often veer off in an unexpected and way more interesting direction. Try to keep it natural and easy-going and save any of the big questions for later on in the courtship. If you take an interest in the things around you, watch the news and read magazines, you will have a much easier time talking to people and relating to them. Whilst the topics you might hear in the news or magazines are just for small talk, small talk is there to provide the foundation for deeper bonding. You should be aiming for a 50-50 split in participation of the conversation. Note that this does not mean you should be talking 50% of the time. What is does mean is you ask interesting questions which don’t make your date feel like they are on an interview and you try to keep the conversation natural and easy. Nobody likes to think on their feet so try not to ask any disarming questions and avoid any areas where serious opinions may exist.

enjoy the night

Drink and Talk! Enjoy your Night !

Finding a girlfriend or boyfriend that is worth dating is a lot easier once you actively put yourself into situations where you meet new people. Keeping an open mind about the kind of people you want to date is a must. You might well be turning away great relationships because of a prejudice you brought from a different relationship, hurting yourself unwittingly. An open mind allows you to see you’re past relationship problems as exactly that, past. We think that managing your expectations on a first date can lead to some experiences that you wouldn’t have otherwise. We are not saying to lose your standards completely, just to allow your curiosity to see whether or not the next person to ask you on a date is the right person. You will never know until you try!

3 Tips for Finding the Right Smartphone

Smartphones are very popular, and they are meant to make your life a lot easier. If you have the right smartphone, you can set appointments and manage emails easily. You can get directions, watch movies, listen to music, and share info with family and friends. But don’t get too excited. It can be pretty hard to look for the right smartphone.

There are so many things you need to consider. With all the options available, you can have a hard time choosing a smartphone. Here are 3 tips that can help you choose a smartphone that suits your needs.

  1. Make sure that you don’t only want, but you really need a smartphone

Sounds silly? Not really. Smartphones are not the cheapest gadgets you’ll find on the market. You’ll have to spend a substantial amount when you get one. Coverage plans require you to shell out a big amount of money, so make sure you really need a smartphone. Check your current phone and identify your needs. If you only need it for talking and sending text messages, you don’t need a smartphone. Go for a smartphone only if you need to send emails, access the Internet, and stay connected.

  1. Look for the right carrier

Cell phone companies have a lot of plans for you to choose from. Coverage and levels of service also differ. You need to decide if you want to get into a contract or if you just want to pay one time for the smartphone. To look for the right company, choose a carrier that has the best coverage for your location. You should be able to browse the Web and enjoy the other features of your phone without experiencing any interruptions in coverage. Take the time to read reviews provided by consumers. Also, compare plans and prices. Find the best combo. The plan should have everything you need and the price should meet your budget.

3 tips to choosing the right smartphone for your business

3 tips to choosing the right smartphone for your business

  1. Choose the right operating system

Smartphones have different operating systems so be sure to know more about them. Each operating system has its own features and you need one that meets your needs. If you want numerous apps, you need an iPhone. If you want more freedom, you need a smartphone that has an Android OS. If you plan to do a lot of tasks, Windows is for you. The Blackberry OS is right if you love Web browsing and use email often.

We go beyond operating systems

We go beyond operating systems

Once you are sure that you need a phone, you’ve chosen a carrier, plan, and OS; you just have to pick a phone. This is where you need to spend a lot of time. Check the phones that suit your needs. Finally, read reviews to know what other users have to say about their smartphones. By sticking to these tips, you’ll surely end up with the right smartphone. 

The Five Red Flags Not To Miss In A Relationship

Relationships are a great place to be. A good relationship can completely change one’s life completely. This may also make them lead even a happier life. To have a successful relationship is something that is not very easy; there are lots of challenges that people in relationships face. Although one should work harder to get past these problems, there are other problems that are red flags to a relationship and the earlier one notices and move out of the relationships the better. Here are the Top 5 Relationship Red Flags You Should Watch For:

The ex is still in the picture

Although it’s hard to avoid the ex if your partner has kids, the situation is completely different for those who do not have kids. If one does not have a kid, there is no reason why the ex should still be in the picture. You should ask yourself why he or she still keep contacting the ex and if that really affects the amount of effort or dedication your partner is giving your relationship. If the situation is getting bad, you should talk to your partner about it and if there is no change, you should just move on.

You catch them in lies

It is almost normal for people to tell lies here and there but you should watch out and see what kind of lies your partner is telling. A partner who is serious with you should not lie to you about things such as where she is or was and who is calling them. Such lies should be able to send you a warning. If you happen to be lied to about important things such as former marriages, children or habits, you should run out. For the small lies, you should talk to try change it. If the partner is not willing to change, simply quit.

the thing about red flags:

the thing about red flags:

They check everyone out

When you are out together, both of you should concentrate on the time you are spending together and not on checking out other people. If your partner keep checking out other people, its an indication that he or she is probably looking out for the next person to date. Your partner should treat you as if you are the only person there and hence should avoid ogling at other sexy looking people who may be around you.

You can’t stand the friends

It is well known that many people will find it hard to let go of their friends even if their partner cannot stand them. If your partner has such friends, it is important that he or she should be able to make it obvious where his or her priorities are. If you are not a priority, you should be wise enough to leave and look for someone else who will prioritize you in their lives.

Your partner has nothing going on

Although it may be regarded as romantic, having a partner who is too into you can be a red flag. For a healthy relationship to exist, the relationship must have two stable people.

How can you ask your partner

How can you ask your partner

If any of these red flags crop up in your relationship, you should not wait for the final fall; be creative and find a way to solve it or move out before you are heartbroken.

Tips On How To Lose Your Beer Belly For Good

There are those out there who certainly love to drink, thus the beer belly. But you can’t fully blame it all on alcohol. It may have played a role why your tummy’s looking the way it is right now, but your overall lifestyle has certainly given its fare share of it. And the fact that as we get older our metabolism begins to slow down doesn’t help either. Fat deposits become increasingly visible in the tummy area and become much harder to remove. But that shouldn’t really keep you from dreaming of the perfect looking abs—and achieving it once and for all! Read on to find out how.

Do The Unthinkable

Yes, that’s right. If you want to get rid of the beer belly, then get rid of the beer. But you can’t stop there because you need to stop drinking soda, too. That would include light beers and diet sodas because basically, your body’s just converting all of it to fat. Think about it. If you really want to see some changes in your middle, do the unthinkable. If you can’t stop drinking, at least limit it to the weekends.

Go Healthy 

Again, think lifestyle change. We’re not saying that you should totally rule out the possibility of eating junk food ever (otherwise known as your favorite food), but you can trade it for healthier meals and just be a little sinful once or twice a week, perhaps. Hey, discipline is the key… and a lot of resistance from temptation, basically.

(Tips to ditch beer belly…)

(Tips to ditch beer belly…)

Six Versus Three 

Start your day by eating a healthy breakfast. That’ll reduce your cravings and give you the energy you need to last through the day. Also, swap three big meals for six smaller ones. That way, there’s no way that you’ll feel famished after a hard day’s work in the office, and eat large servings in the process. Six small healthy meals will do the trick, and that’s a guarantee. In fact, most health experts recommend it, so there’s no reason for you not to do it.

Be Generous With Your Cardio Workout

You may think it’s boring, but the truth is, you can’t expect to see a lot of change without exercise. Cardio workouts are very important because it speeds up the fat burning process. There has to be at least thirty minutes minimum of cardio everyday. You don’t need to sign up for a gym membership if you don’t want to. Do something you like, or something that you can do on your way home from work, like walking or running. You can also play sports., and mix it up. C’mon, move it!

You get a good cardio workout

You get a good cardio workout

Do all these together and you are guaranteed to lose your beer belly in no time at all. You can also incorporate strength training and ab toning exercises with your cardio. Remember, the more active you become, the faster you burn fat too. Good luck!

Real Estate Investing: Pros and Cons Revealed

Those who would like to cut loose from the traditional stock and bond investment would most likely resort to real estate investing. This can be a good way for your money to burgeon. Nevertheless, before you invest your hard-earned money into something else, be certain to examine its pros and cons, same thing with real estate investing.

People tend to join the bandwagon so easily. When someone says that he’s making good money on real estate investments, everyone frantically invests on real estate. Most people believe that the cost of real estate easily soars without realizing that it’s going to take some time before this eventually increases, not even when a lot of people move in to a certain area.

The real estate business can be very enticing for most people primarily because this is very lucrative. Nonetheless, those who have made it big in the business also took a hard path. It takes a concrete understanding before you eventually get to succeed in this industry. If you decide to invest on real estate, try to consider its pros and cons first.

The Pros

The majority of people in the real estate business make hefty money through foreclosures because houses and other properties are usually sold for nearly half their prices once they are auctioned. The real estate investor could then choose to resell it (usually at a higher price) or rent it out, whichever way that gains them massive takings.

Pros and Cons of Purchasing

Pros and Cons of Purchasing

You can also make money through the fixer-upper method. With this strategy, you have to visit the auctioned property first and examine for stuffs that need a repair. This is of great advantage to you as you will know how much you’re going to spend for property refurbishment before you make an appropriate bid. This also works best especially if the seller is in a haste to get rid of the house.

The Cons

Relying on foreclosures put a lot of real estate investors in a minefield because once you’ve placed your bid on a certain property there’s no more turning back. There may be a certain instance that a house needs a lot of fixes that you may end up spending more than what you can earn back. Therefore, it is very crucial that you inspect the house carefully. If you may, you can hire a home inspector to be sure that all the defects are examined.

Real Estate Investing: Find Out How To Succeed In The Online Real Estate

Real Estate Investing: Find Out How To Succeed In The Online Real Estate

Overall, for you to succeed in the real estate business you need to do more research, especially on the property you’re going to buy. Just keep in mind that you’re investing on it because you want to make profits and not to squander your money. 

3 Must-Have Qualities of an Effective Leader

A company needs to have an effective leader for it to reach its goals and climb the ladder of success. These leaders should not only have the skills to lead the workforce, but should also possess qualities that allow them to set the tone and pace for the company. Effective leadership is essential for a company to perform well. A company’s future greatly depends on its leaders. An effective leader has a lot of good qualities. Here are the top 3 qualities every leader should have:

  1. An effective leader is trustworthy.

A leader is trusted by everyone when he or she admits mistakes and takes responsibility for these errors. An effective leader follows rules all the time and sticks to the goals set for the subordinates. When employees trust a leader, they are confident in accomplishing their tasks, making it easier for the company to attain success.

  1. An effective leader communicates with the entire company.

An effective leader ensures that directions given are clear. It is easy for employees to function efficiently when they understand their tasks. It also gives them a positive mind-set. The leader effectively communicates with the rest of the company and takes the time to look for new methods to educate employees and customers.

companies of a leadership

companies of a leadership

  1. An effective leader provides inspiration to everyone.

For a team to be efficient, it needs a leader who is passionate. The person should be confident and must have clear goals. An effective leader has the ability to inspire people around him or her. The leader inspires others to work hard and to meet goals. This kind of leader believes that nothing is impossible. He or she knows the importance of praising, recognizing, and appreciating a person’s contribution. An effective leader understands that without the hard work of his or her staff, goals won’t be achieved.

Leading a team or an entire organization is not simple. This kind of job can’t be given to anyone. Only the right person has to get the job. Considering that the failure or success of the company greatly depends on the leaders it has, businesses should only hire people who have the qualities of an effective leader. Someone who is trustworthy, open, and inspirational should be chosen. Reaching goals is hard when employees won’t cooperate. In most cases, they won’t if they don’t like their leader.

What Makes a Good Leader

What Makes a Good Leader

Leaders have very challenging jobs. So before you even accept that role, make sure that you’re prepared for it. Ask yourself, do I have these 3 qualities? If you do, then you are all set to become an effective leader. Just remember that every day is a learning experience. Keep on improving your craft. Never let failures pull you down. Be motivated and work hard. In time, all your efforts will pay off and your company will be glad that they have an effective leader like you.